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Let’s be serious for one second…

Haha! Psyche! I’m never serious. But seriously, whats the deal with the TV shows I watch getting all serious?

Buffy Season 4 (btw Angel and Cordy are gone, someone buy me Angel NOW!)

So at the beginning of Season 4 – Buffy’s in college and hating it, Willow and Oz have their own friends, her roommate sucks (and turns out to be a demon!) but before that she’s super annoying and Buffy doesn’t rip her a new one, Buffy gets clumsy and SHE CAN’T EVEN KILL VAMPIRES. For the first two eps at least.

I don’t watch shows to experience never-ending displays of weakness – especially not when the character is redeemed at the end of Episode 2 and then right back to being a temporary loser in Ep 3. Plus the guy she has a crush on isn’t even hot. I hate you Riley!

Entourage (aka Haircuts and Tequila)

So Vince: started the season on a high after that car movie he did, but then got bullied into doing a dangerous stunt, got injured, got addicted to painkillers (I presume), CUT HIS HAIR (omg!), started drinking all the time, started dating a porn star (but its Sasha Grey and she’s “smart” so apparently its OK) and as of the end of the last ep, appears to have OD’d on Turtle’s tequila and Vicodin.

This isn’t House. Go be an awesome actor with awesome parties and awesome groupies and awesome movies. I swear Vince must be the boring actor ever! But I blame myself, because I’m still watching Entourage.

Pretty Little Liars

I stopped watching this show because NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENED. EVER! The parents are either splitting up, trying to closet their kids, enablers of bad behaviour and/or hoing themselves out to policemen.

Siblings are jealous, boyfriend stealers, and/or violent nasty passive-aggressive people.

Boyfriends/love interests are either violent, disinterested, clingy and/or just downright creepy. NONE of the girls seems to have any friends or even be friends with each other.

And I read up on the end of the books anyway on Wikipedia and its so stupid shocking that I gave up on this awful show. Me. The person who watches Laguna Beach and The Hills without any sense of irony. Plus, hooking up with a teacher will NEVER be right Aria!!!!

And neither will hooking up with someone you just met in the bathroom of a bar!

I could go on but its safe to say that unless I’m watching something like The OC where I expect my characters to be unhappy all the time or one of those serious shows that lame people like, like Breaking Bad or whatever, keep the conflict to a MINIMUM. Seriously. None of these two-season long arcs with the characters being all lame. Look at Grey’s Anatomy – first two seasons – best ever. Later seasons where everyone is unhappy and dying/crying all the time to Radiohead and other sweet indie music – BORING!

In other news, I need to start packing!! I’m way too late on this and meanwhile the amount of stuff I need to throw out just keeps growing and growing. Who wants speakers?!

**Disclaimer: Yes I know conflict mostly makes shows better. But does all the conflict have to make the main characters so LAME?**

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Let’s.. go out late β™«

Drink a lot
Stay up past eight and then dance
Dance all night
Leave our boyfriends behind.

This song – stuck in my head for dayyzzzz.

Now that I don’t listen to radio (almost one year clean yay me) I only get my music from TV shows that I’ve been watching/falling asleep to. This latest one comes from the surprisingly good (haters FALL BACK!) Cougartown. Or Cougar Town. I don’t know.

Anyway watch the show. Its awesome.

Tonight I begin: Modern Family. Lets hope its just as good!

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Remember yeaaaarrrrs ago when I got the Buffy DVDs thanks to my awesome mom? Anyway I’m finally getting around to watch them and seriously – Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so awesome.

Yeah I know I’m supremely tardy to the party but still. Season 2 and 3 – probably some of the most well-crafted multi-episode arcs I’ve seen. The Season 2 finale was probably one of the best finales I’ve ever watched.

I’m really sad that Angel and Cordelia leave after S3 to go be on Angel though. Who wants to buy me Angel DVDs??? (get at me! Please!!!!) Anyway the whole point of this is – props to Joss Whedon. Although its very funny to hear people use phrases like “That sounds like its going to be the bomb” unironically. Oh the nineties.

seriously, i'll love you forever if you just get me this!

Oh and all you people voting on the constitution enjoy and increase peace! Especially enjoy the public holiday. Jealous 😦

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Eureka is back!

After a whole year can I just say how happy I am that Eureka is back?

And the first episode of Season 4 did not disappoint even a little bit! I loved the plot, the time-travelling, even the fact that SPOILER ALERT – highlight to see: Tess is back in the ‘alternate universe’ right as Allison and Carter kissed. I did miss Zoe though, but I guess she’s enjoying being at Harvard too much. Episode Two and me tonight – on like popcorn!

Entourage is also back but it’s just more of the same. Except now even Ari Gold is boring. I’ll still watch it but I suspect Vince is going to into one of his epic two-season declines so maybe I should just skip all the whining and the angst and start watching again in Season 9. If it doesn’t end before then. In the first two episodes the most exciting thing that happened was that Vince finally cut his hair. Imagine.

This isn’t America’s Next Top Model! Step ya game up, Entourage. That being said, I will still watch until at least Jessica Simpson’s guest appearance hehe.

But overall – summer TV rocks! Eureka, Royal Pains, Burn Notice and Pretty Little Liars not to mention rewatches of my favourite fall shows (my Supernatural DVD just came today!). I’m so made. πŸ˜€

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Is it just me…

.. or is Seth Rogen the most intensely unlikeable actor ever?

Full disclosure: I had never actually seen him in any of the movies that he’d been in before (including but not limited to Knocked Up and You, Me and Dupree). Apparently he was in Anchorman? I don’t remember that.

However, I did see Observe and Report, this terrible, terrible movie that he starred in as a bi-polar mall cop who wants to be a policeman but is too certifiably dumb to make it, and who spends the whole movie trying to catch a flasher, and who may or may not have date-raped the ‘hot’ blonde make-up shop girl after she finally agrees to go on a date with him. And of course he ends up with the pretty but unnoticeable girl after discovering HB (Hot Blonde) is a bitch and rejecting her in a manner that ensures public humiliation for her. Of course.

If it sounds awful, thats because it was. This movie was absolutely dire. And more than that, Seth Rogen was downright disgusting in it. I was surprised that this was the guy the world was making such a big deal about (well last year anyway). But I decided to give him the old benefit of the doubt – you know, maybe it was just the movie? Maybe I no longer have the capacity to enjoy frat-boy humour (if indeed I ever had it)?

But recently, I started watching Freaks and Geeks (ten years after it gets cancelled, go me!) and even though I thought Judd Apatow was unnecessarily hyped these last two years over his movies, I am really enjoying the show! But thats not the point (another day maybe). The point is; Seth Rogen is on the show and has a pretty minor role, but yet he still manages to ruin EVERY single scene he’s in for me. I actually can’t see the point of his character at all. He’s not funny, he’s never involved in any of the plots and if he’s meant to be comic relief, well – he’s failing dismally. Plus his face annoys me!


Well I started writing this yesterday and when I got home, I discovered that Undeclared had finished downloading (I’m on a Judd Apatow TV kick in case you can’t tell)! To my dismay, Seth Rogen is a main character in this show. He’s just really not funny and now I have to see him in every other scene. Not only that, but he’s playing essentially the same character he did in Freaks and Geeks. I can’t help but think that this is him (ie that he’s not actually acting). Which is sad because he makes my skin crawl.

He was also involved in a love plot in the latest F&G episode that I watched and he ended up kissing the girl that he was into. YUK. I need brain bleach to erase that memory from my head.

At least Google agrees with me – mostly! I don’t know who the screw-ups who think he’s hot are!

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Youtube Tuesday – Welcome to the O.C., BITCH!

Actually, I have had Youtube Friday, Youtube Monday and now Youtube Tuesday at the office. I pity the poor people paying me, and I really hope they have unlimited bandwidth. In addition to the great model video, I have also listened to a lot of Backstreet Boys, Matchbox 20 and other random music from way back when :). Today, I have been watching this:

The O.C. Best music Moment #5: The Countdown

The O.C. Best music moment #15: Fix You

Wasn’t The O.C. like the best show ever! I’m seriously considering buying the DVDs – or maybe just waiting till I’m back in Nai so I can ‘obtain’ them for 50 bob. Or for free, heh we’ll see how it goes. Another day when I am even more idle than today (I wonder if that’s humanly possible?), I’ll bless you all with the profound conclusion that I have come to: Gossip Girl = The O.C. 2.0 and how I came to this conclusion.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy more great O.C. music moments, mostly involving Ryan and Marissa OTPing. I don’t think there’s a Ryan-Taylor vid anywhere in the 40 video countdown! Lol. Whatever your criticisms about this show, you can’t deny the soundtrack was sick! Also, can’t believe the countdown wasn’t number one! Its the best part ever!

And because I know you’re on tenterhooks… Welcome to the O.C., BITCH!

P.S. You may be wondering what video did make it to #1. The truth is that there is no Number 1 – the countdown begins at number 2 and is also missing a couple of other positions, as well as having two #5’s. Just so you know πŸ˜‰

P.S.S. Just realised when retrawling through the best music moments that there is a #1 – the video was just deleted. And of course, its the most amazing song ever – Forever Young!! Woop!

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