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A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator


1. Wake up, attempt to leave your warm bed for two hours before giving up and falling back asleep.

2. Wake up again, very hungry. Contemplate getting out of bed, showering, eating a nice healthy breakfast (or, lets be honest here – lunch) and going to campus to research your essay.  Instead, eat some Oreos and watch 3 episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, deciding that leaving after having relaxed for a bit is definitely the best option.

3. Finish WOWP. Finally up to date on Alex and the gang. Prepare to wake up. Instead go on Twitter and Facebook (no notifications), check all email addresses (no new messages) and read all regular sites (no new posts since last night). Wake up, shower and leave the house.

4. LOL JK. Continue to watch useless stuff, perhaps Chuck? Skimwatch an entire season – justifying it in that it will take less than hour (true story!) and then the waking up, making of lunch and working will begin.

5. Instead resurrect old blog with a new post, something not done in months, due to lack of adequate procrastination time. Lament the lack of blogging time allowed when doing a Master’s degree. Contemplate leaving the house to get some cheese for lunch, not least because its such a nice sunny day.

6. Continue writing blog post instead, predicting a 1700 hrs rush for food, and approximately 2100 hrs commencement for the essay. Laugh at the optimism in this. Appreciate Mondays spent in bed.

best movie 🙂

7. Watch something. (Pleasantville)!

And the days only half over. So much procrastination yet to be achieved!


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