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Never Forget…

Those were the good old days *sigh*


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Sometimes banks can save you money!

*NB: Most of this written on the 28th October*

Natwest is becoming really, really good at this. This is just to thank them, because without them I would probably be bankrupting myself on Amazon as we speak (ANYONE WANT TO BUY ME ANGEL?)

  1. Thank you Natwest for cancelling my old card.
  2. Thank you Natwest for the then sending a new card to an address I no longer live at.
  3. As number 2 is my fault for not updating my address while I was out of the country, I went to Natwest last week to cancel the old card, order a new card to be delivered to the bank, and to change my old address. Apparently all of these (apart from the cancellation) take five working days to be processed. Honestly. Five days to update an address is ridiculous. (NB. The staff member who served me later, who was very nice, told me that I had been wrongly informed and that its actually three days. Oh yeah, that’s sooo much better. And to be honest, I have my doubts)
  4. Tiny update 30th October- almost two weeks after the first address change, my address still remains the same. My doubts were justified (I’m adding this in later obvs!) Third time lucky? We’ll see on Monday!
  5. Thank you Natwest for, five working days later, sending the card to my OLD address again, after I’d changed it AND requested for it to come to the bank branch.
  6. Currently I am still cardless and therefore basically financially paralysed unless I have the time to go to the bank.
  7. So, thank you Natwest for helping me save my money by preventing me from buying frivolities such as a contract phone line (pay-as-you-go is killing me), a student Oyster card which I can only get online, and even stopping me from unnecessarily using the ATM (even when it means I can’t buy dinner because I can’t get cash without a debit card!)
  8. Hey look at that, free diet programme as well! No exercise, no pills! Love it.

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Seriously. WTF is ‘less than a few minutes’? No minutes? ONE minute???? FYI did this NOT take less than one minute with my super-fast non-pirated internet!! This is WEAK, VLC!!!

And what the hell is a font cache?


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