One-Year Anniversary!

OK so I missed it! Technically, the one-year anniversary was on 17th July, but hey I only get to a year on WordPress on 25th November apparently! So today seems like a happy medium.

(If you’re wondering what the medium is; its a Saturday night, I’m in one of the most ‘vibrant’ cities in the world,  and I’ve just spent over two hours ‘revamping’ my blog. On Halloween. What could I possibly do to top that? This post. The awesome life of  a young one in London!)

Without further ado, blog stats:

Number of views: 30 850 (it pays to write about Disney movies, Barney Stinson and laser tag!)

Most popular day: Friday 19th February, 2010 – 1703 views! All thanks to Esther Arunga and Quincy Timbergate! Thank you Finger of God church and Placenta Party (I never wrote about that, just wanted to remind everyone of the terrible efforts those Helloners make when it comes to naming things!)

Weirdest search terms:

  • english mutha fucka
  • pepeljuga hilary duff (what the hell does pepeljuga mean?! this search comes up many, MANY times!)
  • sociopathic stare
  • what did the wall say in the movie a cin (I can’t even begin to guess)
  • bba shower hour pics (and LOTS of variations. Pervs!)
  • selena gomez breasts (I’m not a lesbian!!)

The top search term of all time is…. *DRUMROLL*… Quincy Timberlake. How depressing.

Most popular post: Vive le weekend – told you it pays to talk about Barney. Second is the Another Cinderella Story review 🙂

What I’ve learnt from writing this blog:

  1. Disney movies are the
  2. Writing is much easier when you have time to browse the internet and to come up with things to write.
  3. Ergo working is conducive to blogging. (HEAR THAT all you writers who don’t work and sponge off your parents/friends/the government!)

What I haven’t learnt:

  1. The art of non-procrastination.

What I hope to learn:

  1. Nothing. I know everything. Except how not to procrastinate. But I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. Procrastination is king.

Pic is unrelated.


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Thought you knew ;)

Which Sweet Valley Character are you?

You probably already knew this about yourself: you’re a Jessica. Prime interests? Boys, sexiness, yourself, and the sexiness of keeping boys in proximity to yourself. Cut loose and enjoy it, but try not to cause too much damage while you’re

Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

Haha seriously though! Do the quiz here. Also my answer just ends and they won’t let me redo to find out what I’m doing that causing damage. Oh well.. Some you win, some you dont.

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Sometimes banks can save you money!

*NB: Most of this written on the 28th October*

Natwest is becoming really, really good at this. This is just to thank them, because without them I would probably be bankrupting myself on Amazon as we speak (ANYONE WANT TO BUY ME ANGEL?)

  1. Thank you Natwest for cancelling my old card.
  2. Thank you Natwest for the then sending a new card to an address I no longer live at.
  3. As number 2 is my fault for not updating my address while I was out of the country, I went to Natwest last week to cancel the old card, order a new card to be delivered to the bank, and to change my old address. Apparently all of these (apart from the cancellation) take five working days to be processed. Honestly. Five days to update an address is ridiculous. (NB. The staff member who served me later, who was very nice, told me that I had been wrongly informed and that its actually three days. Oh yeah, that’s sooo much better. And to be honest, I have my doubts)
  4. Tiny update 30th October- almost two weeks after the first address change, my address still remains the same. My doubts were justified (I’m adding this in later obvs!) Third time lucky? We’ll see on Monday!
  5. Thank you Natwest for, five working days later, sending the card to my OLD address again, after I’d changed it AND requested for it to come to the bank branch.
  6. Currently I am still cardless and therefore basically financially paralysed unless I have the time to go to the bank.
  7. So, thank you Natwest for helping me save my money by preventing me from buying frivolities such as a contract phone line (pay-as-you-go is killing me), a student Oyster card which I can only get online, and even stopping me from unnecessarily using the ATM (even when it means I can’t buy dinner because I can’t get cash without a debit card!)
  8. Hey look at that, free diet programme as well! No exercise, no pills! Love it.

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Will I forgive Wayne Rooney? (via Talking Hands)

Excellent thoughts on Rooney’s shenanigans, even though I am not a Man U or a Rooney fan 🙂 (also I am too lazy to do any posts lately)

Will I forgive Wayne Rooney?     First Let me just say that Wayne Rooney is my favorite player, or was my favorite player. I liked the way he played. He was as pure a footballer as you could want. Obviously not pure in the bible sense, just as a pure footballer there was nobody in the pros who was made to be a footballer as much as he was, in my mind. Sure he wasnt perfect, … Read More

via Talking Hands

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Back in the +254

Its great being back in Nairobi! I’m enjoying the sun, finally watching TV again, the dust, and most of all the traffic (NAAT!). And although there are a few things I miss about Brussels, here is a list of things I definitely do not miss:

1. Speaking French – or attempting to. Haha GCSE French can suck it whooooo

2.Queuing everywhere, for everything – its like noone cared! Even a little bit. They would just queue for hours and hours and hours! At least here people complain and sometimes leave! And if worst comes to worst, you can always bribe someone at the front of the queue!

3. Paying for the loo in bars and restaurants where you are already eating and/or drinking- the WORST thing about Belgium. WHY IS THIS NORMAL??! TheEuropean Commission should totally look into this!

But I gotta say I do miss my basically 24/7 internet – and as such will be on a temporary hiatus for about two more weeks! Don’t miss me too much!

I leave you with a juicy tidbit from 50 Cent:Oh and also Amanda Bynes deleted her Twitter so that cuts down my subject matter by about 80%. Another good and timely reason for me to go ‘on a break’ Ross and Rachel style!



Twitter is fun!

Everyone in the world should follow 50 Cent! Seriously!

Do it!

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