Vive le weekend…

I had a pretty good weekend (despite the Arsenal loss) which was on the Sunday anyhow so my Saturday was completely unspoiled. Long and lazy… perfect :D.

Saturday I woke up pretty effing early for a Saturday. But I still had
Supernatural Season 2 Supernatural Season 2 to finish. This took quite a while, and since I bought the real dvds from Amazon (no pirating for me, no sir) I had the extras to watch afterwards.  So after watching five episodes, I then watched the  commentary of the antepenultimate episode (check me out, didn’t even look that up ;)) and the gag reel which made me like Sam a little bit more. Although he’s still kind of a whiny bitch.

All this time I had the Report of Death to do for work hanging over my head. In fact it’s still there now tapping my head every so often, yet here I am writing about the very weekend that caused non-completion of the report. Although the typing makes it look like I’m working really hard hehe.

Anyway, I’d been invited to go bowling and laser tag, or Q-Zar as its apparently called here; pronounced Quizar. I was totally thinking of not going because of the report of death and the rain. I’m like those witches in the Wizard of Oz hehe —>

Also I was feeling super-lazy. But eventually I got my lazy self up and running helped along by headbanging to So What by Pink and other poppy-pretend rock songs hehe and braved the weather in the name of Carpe Dieming.

Suffice to say, bowling and laser-tag was awesome!! Laser tag is awesome I totally felt like Barney Stinson, except kids in real life are much better than those lame-ass kids on HIMYM and they kicked my ass. I got shot 13 times!! But I shot people 18 times so hey. I was trying to shoot those evil kids but they really were just too good. Next time… I was also wearing white, clearly a rookie mistake. Next time I’m wearing all black and putting them football player black marks on my face.

STRIKE Bowling was also pretty cool; my first time and I started out quite well. Spare first round and nine pins in the second. But ALAS! It was all just beginners luck, and I went on in the next few rounds to get 5, 4, 1 and even 2 misses – when you dont hit any pins. I don’t know how I didn’t come last haha. Thanks to the Nokia 2600 with the bowling game (think its that one anyway), I knew all the bowling rules and terminology though… haha

Still I’m gonna practice though, I HATE LOSING!! GRRRR.

Sunday was more of the same, started watching Supernatural again from Season 1 (again) because my internet sucks and  trying to stream anything with that connection should be one of Dante’s Ten Circles of Hell. Managed to watch one episode of Community though, its pretty funny. Actually worked on the Report of Death,before my internet crashed and burned… Slept.

And now its Monday and here I am writing about the weekend. Which is really kind of meta… Wait until tomorrow when I write about today where I wrote about the weekend… SUPER-META!!

Office Playlist: R. Kelly – Slow Wind. The Windows Media Player plays this song EVERYDAY, sometimes even when it’s not in the playlist hehe. The shuffle sucks almost as much as Winamp. Boo Microsoft.

And WordPress smileys are ugly. 🙂 😀 😉

Gotta go, Report of Death is calling…


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  1. #1 by Laser Tag Ireland on April 9, 2011 - 8:53 am

    Q-zar was great, I really enjoyes it as a kid but you should look at the outdoor version of Laser Tag. Amazing fun, just like a real war and gets you a lot of exercise rather than just sweaty! Just like paintball, but for adults and kids no pain no mess

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